Create Company-Wide Team

By creating a company-wide team, you can communicate with all of your employees, store company files, and schedule meetings.

  1. In Microsoft Teams, choose Join or create a team > Create team.
  2. In the Create your team box, enter a name and description for your team.
  3. Under Privacy, choose Org-wide. (If you don’t see this option, it’s because you need to be an administrator to change this setting.) Choose Next.
  4. In Teams, a the bottom of the page, type a welcome message to your team members, and then choose Send Send button .When your employees open this team, they’ll see your message and the latest conversations.

    Try any of the following:

    • Use the Files tab to view and share company files. To add a document for everyone to see, just drag and drop it from its location on your computer onto the Files page.
    • Use the Wiki tab for notes, or to share company knowledge.
    • Click the plus (+) sign to add more apps to the team, such as OneNote, Planner, or Adobe products.
    • Use the options in the left navigation to start a chat, make a call, or schedule or attend a meeting.